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Welcome to The Beachwalker Condominium Guide!

Created by a real estate professional for the real estate professional.

All the DATA & FACTS of a condo building and on just ONE page!

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Florida Emerald Coast


Find and research condo buildings

the way an MLS does not provide!


Question is: What does this guide do that the MLS does not? Keep reading below!

The MLS is about listings, the Beachwalker Condominium Guide is about the buildings.

  • Time is of the essence! Much of the research a real estate pro must do on a condo building is already done for you in this guide and it is on one page! 
  • Time is critical in almost every aspect of selling real estate! Tediously researching by going to various resources such as searching official records for floor plans and building schematics within the appropriate county takes time - links to the DOCS with the floor plans/building schematics & schedule of shares are provided on each page!
  • With this data already displayed on each page you can get immediate answers to multiple questions on a particular building - the kind of answers that are not quickly found in the MLS. Answers such as: What are the total number of units in a particular gulf front condo building? Which stack or stacks is a particular unit type located within? What sizes are they in the building and how many in a particular unit type are there in total? Which unit types and sizes make up the end units? Are the balconies wraparound and if so which stacks/floors have that feature? Are the balconies deep? This is rarely a quick process via the MLS or by paging through the condo doc floor plans for the answers. It's also not very likely you will get a quick response from the owner association in the busy season. But this is already done for you and it is on one page!
  • Being able to respond quickly to questions is pertinent to your efficiency as a real estate pro, especially while already engaged in showing property. Common questions such as; How many 1 BR's are there in this building? Are the end units 2BR's or 3BR's? Which side of the building is a particular end unit located on if you're only given the unit number by a customer while showing property? Is it on the east side? West end? The "what about this unit I'm seeing online" question never fails to come up while showing and from a long expired listing. Other questions you may have yourself often come to mind. Questions such as "is that 2nd floor unit sitting above the BBQ grills or the kiddie pool with palm trees restricting the views?" Is the dune structure restricting views for lower or ground floor units? Which floors? Many listing photos might avoid making this situation obvious. Always good to know before you show! Quickly find out if this is a concern by viewing both the beach photos and pre-set maps! Other questions such as; do the 2BR's in this floor plan have a gulf front master bedroom or no? Are the penthouse units bi-level? Which units and floors are they? What other unique building features are there or are there other buildings like this one? Use the Comparable Buildings (sample link) feature at top right of each page!
  • What comparable buildings are there similar to the subject building? The Comparable Buildings feature quickly displays this for you! A great tool for that quick research before returning a call or even while showing. You may have buyers that suddenly decide they prefer the opposite end of the beach. What is similar over there to what they like now? With decades of local real estate experience these comparable buildings have been grouped together for you and within certain pre-set proximities such as "2 miles", "5 miles" or "Area" from the the subject buildings you are doing the research on. 

  • Maps! Pulling up satellite maps for views of the building, it's location and what's near it are time consuming compared to already having a pre-set satellite map of the building location and a pre-set street view from the street directly in front of the building. The street view of the front of building informs you of parking situations/structures, aesthetic appeal of the building and it's general landscaping, any nearby public beach accesses, entryways to the building or learning of a potential external obsolescence are all very important whether you're doing a quick check or a deep dive into research. This too is already at your fingertips and it is done for you on just one page!
  • Photos! Not marketing photos! Fact photos! It's not important for the purpose of this guide on how nice the building appears but rather how it appears. Each building photo is taken from the beach while standing at or near the waterline. Getting a line-of-site view at or near the mean high tideline/waterline will answer questions on how good a view there is from the ground floor, the 2nd or even 3rd & 4th floors. You will instantly recognize a restricted view situation! Viewing the building from near the waterline on the beach as the main photos provide is very important. However, it is not only time consuming to find a such a photo or to physically go to the location yourself and get a good view of it, but most agents and photographers do not walk out onto the sand for this photo and it is not accomplished with aerial or drone photography. But you already have this provided to you and it's on one page!

Good luck quickly gathering all of that info in the MLS!!

Investor guide for buying a beach condo in Florida


Florida real estate condo guide created for the real estate professional engaged in sales or appraisal of gulf front condos and many off beach or near easy beach access. This guide can also be beneficial to the real estate investor or vacation rental travel research. This guide illustrates gulf front condos in Florida including beach front condos from Destin to Panama City Beach, Florida. Weather near beach or a beachfront condo find detailed description of condos buildings popular for Florida vacation rentals on the beach. Research Gulf Coast vacation rentals popular locations in Destin. Research Florida vacation rentals on the beach, Gulf Coast vacation rentals in Destin Florida, Beach rentals near Destin or look for your best places to buy a condo in Florida or vacation condo rentals in Florida. This guide includes, beachfront locations that may have the best vacation rental condos near Destin and Beach best condo rental locations for Destin and Panama City. Find detailed info on Panama City and Destin Florida beaches popular for rental condos. Building info for Destin condominiums, Panama City condominiums and gulf front condominiums with details on beachfront condominiums on the Emerald Coast of Florida beach front. This may benefit those looking for the best vacation rentals beachfront in Florida, near Destin or Panama City Beach or Gulf Coast vacation rentals in Florida. This is an ideal research tool for buying a beach condo in Florida. This is also a great real estate research tool for researching a vacation rental investment or those seeking a vacation rental across from gulf beaches, beachfront or gulf front condominiums in Florida. Beach front condos in Destin.

Emerald Coast


Floor plan and building schematics in public records!

Public links to docs on each page!

Beach access points, boat launch maps and live cams

Locate nearby parking/pubic access! Know before you go using live cams!

  • Comparable Buildings - Each location page contains a link to view relatively similar condominium buildings within predetermined proximities.
  • Year Built below property name.
  • Photos of Building from beach at or near the waterline, or from nearby beach access if not gulf front. Provides line of sight view. These photos are "fact photos" rather than "marketing photos".
  • Photos of Entrance or street side views using Google maps.
  • Google Mapping - Outstanding views of both "Street View" and "Location". Pre-set maps for each location; take a 360 degree view from the street or use the pre-set satellite map to zoom in for view the building's structure, its  pool/amenities, beach access points or boardwalk etc., and much more.
  • Features - List of standout features and amenities.
  • Property website links to HOA or related property website when available.
  • Building Size by number of floors, number of units, unit types and approximate gulf frontages.
  • Unit Breakdown of unit types by count. Unit breakdown is helpful in understanding the makeup of the building. Example: 1's, 2's & 3's or all 3 & 4 bedroom units.
  • Stacks - Indicated by the last two digits of the unit numbers placed inside parentheses (##). This indicator is located next to the unit types and square footage to indicate which stack the unit type is located within. Note: Used only when applicable to the unit breakdown - some buildings are made up entirely of the same unit floor plan and size.
  • Square Footage - further breakdown by unit type (number of bedroom/baths), sq.ft. and stacks in which the units are located within. Special notes such as "both bedrooms in back", "bonus/bunk room", "hall bunks", or "end units" are indicated.
  • Parking - Covered, non-covered or both.
  • Association Management - phone numbers of current HOA and or on-site rental management, web sites.
  • Address - Physical address of each building.
  • Links to your local MLS service login as well as links to the applicable county property appraiser site.


    • Navarre Beach, Pensacola Beach & Perdido Key coming in Spring of 2024!
    • New Google mapping showing "Street View" of each property in addition to "Location" map.
    • Public links to condo docs with Building Schematics & Floor Plans now added.

    The Beachwalker Condominium Guide

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    The Beachwalker Condominium Guide has been an excellent asset for the real estate industry since 2002. A guide for gulf front condos as well as off beach or near beach condos. This guide was previously only available in book form. You can now enjoy the same features plus much more online.

    This condo guide for gulf front condos on the Emerald Coast of Florida includes Destin, Panama City Beach and South Walton. It provides quick reference to some of the most pertinent details on beachfront condos for real estate investors, real estate professionals specializing in condos on the beach.

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    Investor guide for buying a beach condo in Florida

    Coming in 2024!

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